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Aela International Manpower Services (AIMS) is a leader in the provision of staffing services and
qualified talent across an array of industries. We specialize in contract and direct placement staffing
services throughout the Middle East and Europe. Through our current applicant database and a
network of talented job seekers we select only the most qualified individuals within every industry to
service your requirements. Regardless of your geographic location and industry, AIMS has the
qualified people for your staffing needs. Our services can be customized based on your objectives
and vision for progress. Today, we are supplying more quality Hospital workers, Engineers, Sales
Professionals, Hotel and Restaurant Professionals, Hospitality workers, Tradesmen and Construction
workers to our clients in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and countries in
Europe. There is a higher demand of manpower at the moment and let be assured that our
candidates are educationally qualified, have undergone training and proper screening. If your
company is in need of a specific requirement, I am so happy to assist you in meeting your objectives.
Aela International Manpower Services, is a duly registered recruitment agency based in the
Returning OFWs should get travel exit clearance early.
The POEA advises overseas Filipino workers returning to the country for the holidays to have their
overseas employment certificate (OEC) or travel exit clearance processed early to avoid the holiday
To avoid the huge crowd at the POEA offices OFWs should secure their exit clearance  at the
Philippine Overseas Labor  Office (POLO) nearest their jobsite even before their flight to the
Philippines, or as soon as they arrive in the country.

China targets illegal foreign workers
The Chinese government is cracking down on illegal foreign workers, including undocumented Filipinos
working as teachers and house maids. There is a demand for teachers in China but not all schools are
allowed to hire foreigners. It prohibits foreign nationals from doing manual labor such as those of
nannies and domestic helpers. A foreigner has to hold a working "Z" visa in order to work in China.
Hiring Filipino Workers  more
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AIMS is currently holding an arrangement with a number of clients that will hire workers through our
services. If you or any of your friends and family members are interested to work abroad, we are so
happy to help you. Fill up the
application forms and be the first one to know about any vacancy, POAE
work order approvals and hiring process.